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03/08/2013 10:30 PM PST

AFK code and Dates on board messages

Sheesh, yes we are still here O.O As if we would stop loving TW. It just is not a priority as compared to hrmm kids or sex or careers. With that being said, i am working on two things as I find time. The first one is finding out how to make EXP stick on players after they leave AFK. Currently if you kill something after earning AFK EXP, then all that EXP you received dissapears. So make sure you buy things! hrmm an EXP shop would be cool... JAN MAKE THIS ASAP! Second thing I am working on is the dates on board messages. I agree they need year dates... JAN GET ON THIS TO! I expect a full report by tomorrow. Can you work this Saturday? greeeeat, let me know when you're done.


Elmar, from Eesti, has left for his fourth tour to Greece on a joint European Union border security force; he'll be gone for 2 months and his job is to guard the Turkish border. Regardless of our views on the matter, I believe we can all agree that we hope Elmar remains safe (physical health) and sound (mental health). He has agreed to send us updates, and I'll post those updates here. Let's all send good wishes and prays, "I pray that Elmar will remain safe and return to us."

Halloween Quest

There are five avatars. Starting at Sanctuary Fountain, and ending at one of those avatars, there is a Storage Room along the path (within a couple rooms anyway). In the Storage Room are 3 quest tokens and some other powerful items. Those three quest tokens will buy the player a "personal room." I will set the recall of the player to that room, and allow that room to have two exits to anywhere in TW (maybe three if I'm in a good mood).


I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm currently running a debugger on the mud. This debugger keeps the mud from rebooting in case of a crash. I'll be gone for class from 3:15pm to 6:15pm (Pacific Standard Time). If the mud is down during the time, you know why.
Admins with access: feel free to login and start the mud up. It won't interfer with what I have going on. I'm just waiting for a crash to occur -- hopefully the one Lucifer is causing >:)

Forge Code

Wow I'm tired, but that was worth it. You guys asked for it, so I spent the last couple days getting weapons damage type to show up when identified and appraised. If you use a builder program, note that the bit numbers for weapon types is different: 0-4 blunt, 5-9 pierce, 10-11 slash, and 12 is ranged. It should be easier now to figure out which weapons can be forged together. The tinyworld.obj file was parsed for the new bit numbers so if you're using old tinyworld files you'll need them updated. Specifically for coders, we now have a GET_WPN_DMG_TYPE(obj) definition found in utils.h. Oh yeah, before I forget we have new AFK rules. Players will no longer be killed for going AFK. When they go to the void, their AFK flag will automatically be turned on and they'll begin recieving 1000xp per tick. This equates to 1 million xp per day.

Forge Code

Thanks to Dar for this one :) The Weaponforger Room can be found with the Sanctuary Weaponsmith. It combines two weapons into a single more powerful weapon. The weapons must be the same type (slash, pierce, blunt), bows and GOD weapons are not currently forgable, forged weapons cannot be reforged, and the cost to forge is 100,000 gold plus the value of both weapons. Affects and attributes from the original weapons are carried over onto the new weapon. Concerning damage dice, the dice of the new weapon is a random set of numbers between the maximum damage of the weakest weapon and the maximum combined damage of both weapons. This means that the forged weapon will ALWAYS do more damage then either of the two original weapons. For the near future, we're allowing you to retain the weapons you forge with. However except in the near future for the forging process to destroy the original weapons.

Website Update And New TW Code

We have started using Google Wave to help the developing process. I have ported a couple of the Wave discussions onto the website which may be accessed using the Wave link on the left. Login using the stated username/password and then return to the website to properly view the Waves. If you already have a GMail account then email it to thievesworldmud(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll add you to the discussions. One of those discussions lists all the coding updates.

Changing Of The Guard

I would like to begin by thanking Paul (aka Snick) for all his years of selflessly hosting. Even when no one was logging in, he maintained Thievesworld Mud for as long as he was able. Let us all now welcome and thank our new host Derek (aka Omen/Zoogie). With his guidance a new chapter of Thievesworld's is being written.

Removed Original Website

Due to memory usage I've had to remove the original website to make some room. I'll be going through the old backups at some point to free up more space, so hopefully I'll free up enough room to 1) put the original website back in, 2) add more content to this new one. For those that use the old website, I apologize.

New Website

I originally created this website for a Diablo3 fansite that I have since decided not to put online. Not wanting to waste the effort, I've ported it over for Thieves World use. If you have any suggestions, feel free to either email me at biocdkt(at)gmail(dot)com. Also if you would like to contribute a picture of yourself to the members gallery, than attach it to the email :)

Thieves World mourns for FLoWeR

It has recently come to my attention that FLoWeR has lost someone very near and dear to her. The Thieves World family would like to give her our condolences.

New Webpage

As a hobby I have been making webpages, so I'm a little surprised that it has taken me this long to realize that I could make one for Thieves World. So here it is. Please feel free to email me at biocdkt(at)gmail(dot)com with your thoughts.

Future of Thieves World

Quote straight from Solaar:

"My pet project has always been about cleaning up the behind-the-scenes code. It's because of that mess that it's difficult to impliment new projects. While I'm surprisingly close to completing this task, I'm also at a point where it's very difficult to keep the process straight in my head. It's like slowly detangling a spider's web and to not get the web bundled back up again. Regardless, I have a couple new zones that can be put in as soon as that is done. Furthermore, if we can ever get a C/C++ coder to fix the memory leaks in our "tables" than I also have some new skills that can be put in. Of those skills, activating RIDE and MOUNT as well as current skill modifications are in the works. An example of a skill modification is adding a bleeding proc to the thieves gouge attack. Oh well, as said above, just waiting on a C/C++ coder for that."